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examples of paintings in domestic settings

original painting in interior setting original painting in home setting

original painting in bedroom original painting in living room

painting in room original paintings in Dining room

original contemporary painting contemporary painting in Music room

landscape contemporary painting blue contemporary paintings

art - the final touch


It could be argued that a dwelling is not a home until you add the final touches of your own.  Probably the most effective way of doing this is by including original works of art in the interior design.  Artist Ernie Gerzabek endorses this enthusiastically; he has seen many ordinary residences turned into classy, visually exciting places where contemporary paintings on the walls transformed the place like magic.

Ernie’s background as an Architect adds credibility to his convictions, also an edge to his contemporary paintings.  Drawing inspiration from the unique landscapes of Australia, his mission is to create images which evoke aspects of the unspoilt wilderness areas and the countryside, wetlands, deserts and Sydney’s coastline in particular.


Instead of depicting what the eye sees, he prefers to interpret natural phenomena in a unique, surprising and unpredictable way.  His paintings not only encapsulate the essential elements, colours and features of a particular place, but also recreate the ambience and the ‘feel’ of being there.  Often this process results in minimalist and abstracted images, but always highly original, exuberant, vibrant and distinctive.

Ernie’s creations are not only playful and decorative, but also optimistic and spiritually uplifting.  His aim is to enhance home environments by affordable original paintings, at the same time lift our spirits and relax after a hard day’s work.

examples of my paintings in commercial and residential settings

art exhibiton at Arthouse Hotel

Some "Gerzabeks " at Arthouse Hotel Sydney

Finders keepers painting in private residence

"Finders keepers" in Dining Room

Gerzabek abstract painting in private collection

"Take a ride on the wild side" in Sitting Room

Gerzabek abstract painting hung in private collection

"Chocolates forever" in Lounge Room

photos of my solo exhibition @ Complete Framing Gallery North Manly

Contemporary paintings and sculptures by Ernie Gerzabek art exhibiton Ernie Gerzabek art exhibiton of contemporary paintings and sculptures

Contemporary paintings and sculptures art gallery exhibiton Contemporary artworks by Ernie Gerzabek solo exhibiton

Contemporary artworks by Ernie Gerzabek solo art show

Photos from Samuels Restaurant, Thirroul NSW

solo art show contemporary abstract artworks

contemporary abstract paintings abstract acrylic paintings

plants in Western Australia

light green bushes


light green bushes red flowers

Red flowers

light green grasses clumped


eucalyptus gum nuts

Eucalyptus gumnuts

colourful field of flowers

Flower bed

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