nature inspired paintings

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landscape and desert paintings

yellow sonata abstract landscape painting Australian
146 Yellow sonata Artist's collection
dry riverbed semi-abstract landscape painting for sale
369 Dry riverbed  Family collection
australian desert song contemporary painting
745 Australian desert song

undulating landscape semi-abstract painting Australian
829 Undulating landscape
contemporary abstract painting of dry desert country
647 Dry country
landscape inspiration contemporary painting
725 Patchwork landscape

desert viewed from satellite semi abstract landscape painting
484 From the satellite Artist's collection
contemporary abstract painting green valley
021 My green valley
contemporary abstract landscape painting biology inspired
055 Fabric of life 2

These desert paintings have been inspired by Central Australia's landscapes and drought effected countryside.  Wilderness areas are also explored.  The contemporary approach is not aiming at realism, but intends to capture the feeling and the spirit of this Great Southern Land.

seascapes, water and ocean paintings

search and find contemporary abstract seascape painting
667 Search and find
submarine creature contemporary abstract art painting
365 Creature feature

835 Starry night idyll

blue sescape painting minimalistic sea view at dusk
699 Seascape at dusk
seascape painting sailing boats
823 Sail away
Family collection
after the drought landscape digital archival print
425 After the drought

crosswind contemporary abstract painting Australian indigenous art inspired
217 Crosswind Artist's collection
still waters impressionist river minimalist painting
457 Still waters 2
abstract submarine creatures blue green painting
 627 Marine playground

wading birds nature inspired water painting
837 Sunset with wading birds 2
contemporary abstract painting submarine fantasy
624 Sub-marine
blue minuet ocean inspired seascape
194 Blue minuet

autumn coloured patches abstract decorative original painting
858  Autumn
transfiguration nature inspired original contemporary painting
115 Transfiguration Artist's collection
night lights reflections seascape painting
856  Reflections

Water inspired pictures here include ocean and waterways paintings, seaside explorations and underwater fantasies. Many shades of blues and greens dominate with appropriate contrasting accents.   Naturalistic depictions alternate with semi-abstract and abstract images. All capturing the spirit of water in its many manifestations, as in a seascape, shoreline, ocean rhythms or becalmed lake scene.  Seascape paintings in many forms.

flowers and flora inspired paintings

contemporary original flowers painting
825 Saffron sky
Family collection
wildflowers contemporary original painting
818 Wildflowers
red yellow contemporary flowers painting
819 Red and yellow flowers

green field multi-coloured flowers decorative painting
820 Green field Sold New York
energized colourful abstract painting patterns painted
748 Energized Artist's collection
sunset blooms contemporary original painting
826 Sunset blooms

blowing wind abstract patterns painting homage to aboriginal art
214 Blowing in the wind Artist's collection
  abstract contemporary orange painting Paul Klee inspired
00M Orange Klee Phanta Artist's collection

eucalyptus leaves semi-abstract original acrylic art painting
786 Eucalyptus leaves
rainforest remembered semi abstract painting original patterns part 1 rainforest remembered semi abstract painting original patterns part 2
141 Rainforest remembered
gum blossoms contemporary floral painting
824 Gum blossoms

Flowers of all sorts, red, yellow, blue, orange and multicoloured wildflowers. A great variety of flower paintings for your enjoyment.  Green fields, eucalyptus leaves, spectacular sky backgrounds, all colourful, decorative and optimistic.  All these paintings are decorative and affordable.

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