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examples of paintings in private and public collections

doodles abstract contemporary painting Australian Aboriginal art inspired
008 Doodle Artist's collection
ripples blue abstract painting waves of dots and strokes
617 Ripples  Family collection
abstract green chaos pattern small artwork
730 Chaos Sold

blue waving patterns acrylic on paper
636 Waving Sold
waterside contemporary original seascape painting
783 Waterside shift
flowerburst contemporary original wild flowers painting
393 Flowerburst Sold 

sand drift desert colours contemporary artwork
612 Sand-drift
singing blues coloured abstract decorative painting
783 Singing the blues Sold
microcosm gene pool abstract original fine art patterned contemporary painting
783 Microcosm Sold

doodles plenty submarine ocean creatures small art picture
Doodles - plenty Sold
waterside shift semi abstract painting acrylic on paper
639 Waterside shift 5 Sold Brooklyn

151 Channeling Sold

night moves curves abstract pattern small painting
774 Nightmoves - curves Family collection
four wheels original abstract patterns painting folk motives
034 Four wheels  Family collection
night moves strokes in wavy abstract pattern
Nightmoves - strokes Family's

blue flowers contemporary original miniature floral painting
813 Blue flowers

waving original abstract painting+
440 Waving Sold
contemporary original semi-abstract flora inspired painting
653 Alive Sold 

night moves waves abstract lines pattern
Nightmoves - waves Family collection
water dance contemporary abstract waterscape painting Australian indigenous art inspired
298 Water dance Sold
night moves waves abstract lines pattern
Nightmoves - dots Family collection

my ocean garden abstract submarine seascape painting original artwork for sale
795 My ocean garden Sold
built environment abstract contemporary wall sculpture bas-relief artwork
674 Built environment
Family collection

822 Starry night reflections Sold

red green contemporary original abstract painting
719 Red and green Sold
misty abstract artist contemporary art acrylic seascape ocean painting
577 Misty 4  Sold
abstract contemporary original acrylic painting distant memories
502 Distant memories Sold

all that jazz contemporary artwork original painting
031 All that jazz Sold
blues beat original art abstract non-representational painting
792 Blues beat Sold Manly
sea thythms abstract artist contemporary art acrylic seascape painting
536 Sea rhythms Sold

contemporary abstract artist ocean painted art
321 Under the blue Sold
green electra homage to aboriginal art
080 Green electra Sold Great Britain
desert remembered landscape
375  Desert remembered 2 Sold

spectrum shift contemporary abstract artist blue period painting art
421 Blue spectrum shift Sold
undercurrents abstracted patterns original painting undercurrents abstracted patterns original triptych painting undercurrents abstract patterns original painting
095 Undercurrents triptych
 Family collection

On this page you can find examples of my paintings sold either to private or public collectors. Some of the above pieces my personal collection or held by family members.  A number of paintings have been sold in  charity auctions.  Selling artworks means validation for me, when somebody buys a painting or sculpture of mine, it proves that what I create is valued and I am on the right path.  This encourages me to continue and keep going.

early artworks from the archives

Here are some of my artworks from the seventies.  Recently scanned from old slides the paintings are surprisingly original, colourful and inventive. Very good examples from the beginning of my artistic career.  After working all day as an architect in an office, I only painted part-time.

Untitled 2


abstract art painting so what

So what?


abstract art bas-relief wall sculpture



abstract graffiti art painting



abstract watercolour art painting

Ego trip

abstract yellow painting crazy world

Crazy world


abstract wall sculpture pentagon based geometric



abstract art dot painting white

Starscape 2

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