abstract paintings and sculptures

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abstract paintings

joyous contemporary abstract painting
847 Joyscape
multi-cloured contemporary abstract painting
848 Spontaneous
colours abstract painting multi-coloured art image picture
843 Colours

first blush abstract contemporary painting wavy lines original artwork
738 First blush
yellow dots contemporary original abstract art painting
808 Yellow dots
abstract contemporary red painting dots and lines
828 Walkabout

march of microbes lavender blue original acrylic abstract painting
794 March of the microbes
black is beautiful aboriginal dot painting inspired painting
078 Black is beautiful
contemporary abstract art painting
836 New start

finders keepers abstract painting multi-coloured art image picture
461 Finders keepers
abstract contemporary multi coloured painting
821 Gone crazy
contemporary abstract decorative blue painting
839 Happy happy

Red and blue
constellation abstract contemporary mixed media geometric acrylic painting
564 Constellation SQ16
Family collection
brown oriental rug inspired original contemporary painting
002 Oriental rug - brown

zigzag vertical pattern orange yellow abstract painting
768 Ziggy zaggy 2
parrot colours contemporary abstract painting
849 Parrots (deconstructed)
zigzag horizontal pattern orange yellow abstract painting
767 Ziggy zaggy 1

waving goodbye original painting orange background wavy lines
750 Waving goodbye
Ohmmm zen meditation contemporary abstract pattern painting
082 Ohmmm ...
red green contemporary painting with stylised flowers
842 Why not?

energized colourful abstract painting patterns painted
748 Energized
  abstract contemporary painting walking lines
567 Lines walking

snap crackle and pop original art abstract non-representational painting
809  Snap crackle and pop
abstract contemporary painting
850 Rejuvenated
colourful abstract contemporary art painting
Let the sunshine in

Cliche-free original abstract paintings with a broad range of styles and approaches. My paintings include minimalist works, free-style playful doodles and Indigenous art inspired pieces.   All these paintings of mine are inventive, colourful, decorative and optimistic.  The colours are typical Australian colours. Every piece is reasonably priced and most affordable.

geometric paintings and mixed media artworks

encoded contemporary original blue abstract acrylic artwork
751 Encoded
contemporary abstract geometric pattern recycled materials mixed media artwork
650 Recycled
abstract original contemporary painting proportions apportioned
495 Proportions apportioned

proportions delineated geometric acrylic original abstract painting
716 Proportions delineated
Artist's collection
mixed media art
420 Squares
spectrum shift contemporary abstract artist blue period art painting
421 Blue spectrum shift

abstract art contemporary Tibetan mandala geometric painting
734 Mandala meditations - cool
Artist's collection
abstract contemporary painting walking lines
567 Lines walking

abstract geometric painting based on Tibetan mandala
Mandala meditations - warm
Artist's collection

These geometric paintings have a great variety of styles and approaches. Intricate complex designs and pretty patterns and colour fields subdivided by carefully proportioned and positioned lines. Highly original paintings.    The majority of my paintings are colourful, decorative, optimistic and inventive.  Generally the colours are Australian in spirit and the compositions unpretentious in expression. All affordable and reasonably priced.  

sculptures and bas-reliefs

left and right abstract contemporary geometric bas-relief wall sculpture recycled wood
680 Left and right
geometric recycled timber sculpture
757 Corners
squared up contemporary abstract recycled wood art bas-relief
180 Squared up

low rise abstract geometric wall sculpture bas-relief artwork
685 Low rise
jigsaw bas-relief mixed medium abstract geometric assembly
765 Jigsaw
jigsaw contemporary abstract geometric bas-relief wall sculpture
690 Jigsaw handsaw
Artist's collection

trees wood contemporary abstract geometric wall sculpture bas-relief
671 Trees from the wood
geometric recycled timber mandala sculpture side view
Day and night mandala - side view 
 Artist's collection
geometric timber magic cube abstract sculpture recycled timbers
752 Magic toybox Artist's collection

geometric timber mandala sculpture sun side
755 Day and night mandala - sun side
 Artist's collection
  geometric timber mandala sculpture moon side
Day and night mandala - moon side  
Artist's collection

For these original abstract sculptures i used recycled materials. Stained timber pieces are assembled in a jigsaw pattern.  The geometry is freely arranged, playfully and without any rigidity.   I have a childlike approach and a fun element when creating the composition, I try this and that in a playful manner.  But the final result shows an intelligent, well considered resolution.

Images from The Sculptors Society Exhibition in Darling Park

low rise geometric wall relief sculpture Ernie Gerzabek   cube variation sculpture recycled timber Ernie Gerzabek   geometric timber magic cube sculpture australian sculptor gerzabek

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