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after the dought semi-abstract landscape archival giclee print

425  After the drought

56x56cm image size, 81x81cm framed size, archival ink on acid free paper, non-reflective glass,
limited edition print of 25, $650
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Also available unframed, please note frame may vary according to availability

The unspoilt wilderness of wetland plains.  Endless fields of wild growth as far as the eye can see. 
Abundance of vegetation: grasses, reeds, bushes and wildflowers all over.

The alternating wet and dry seasons forever shaping the land.  Constant change and
interaction between the waterways, flora and fauna and every aspect of the
delicately balanced ecology of the environment.

Constant change and transformation, yet everything remains the same
over thousands of years.  The ancient and ever renewing cycle of survival!

Not to scale

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