The Influence of Pointillism and Indigenous Art

My Art and Aboriginal Dot Painting

A few of my artworks share visual similarities with French Impressionist pointillism and Aboriginal dot painting. While some might see my use of dots and colour as directly influenced by Aboriginal art, the inspiration is deeper.

My Process
I build some paintings with small strokes and dots of contrasting colours. Up close, they create a vibrant, almost kinetic energy. From a distance, the colours blend, forming landscapes and textures reminiscent of the natural world.

The Power of Observation
Similar techniques are used in contemporary Aboriginal art, particularly “dot painting”. This style, especially for desert landscapes, reflects a deep connection to the environment and its intricate details. Regardless of lifestyle, Indigenous people possess a profound ability to perceive the colours, patterns, and rhythms of their surroundings. This connection is often expressed through dot paintings, but also in many other art forms.

Respectful Inspiration
I am deeply inspired by this artistic expression. My work sometimes pays homage to these approaches, reflecting my own attempt to see the landscape as they might. However, I strictly avoid using totems, Dreamings, or any other cultural elements specific to Aboriginal groups. Cultural appropriation has no place in my artistic process.

Finding My Voice
My artistic style (and I have many) is a product of observing the Australian landscape. I focus on capturing the patterns, textures, and rhythms I see – scattered trees in the outback, vast deserts with spinifex, or the teeming life at the shoreline. These elements all find their way onto my canvases.

A Shared Aesthetic
If there’s a hint of Aboriginal influence in my work, I see it as a positive reflection of a shared appreciation for the Australian environment. For confirmation, an Indigenous Art Curator at the Gallery of NSW reviewed my work and confirmed it wouldn’t be considered “Aboriginal.” They emphasized that anyone claiming otherwise is simply uninformed.

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