The Struggle Between Consistency and Exploration

Variety or Uniformity?

As a contemporary artist who thrives on a diverse range of subjects and styles, I often question my approach. Should I prioritize commercial success and focus on variations of proven themes? After all, artists like John Coburn have found success with a signature style – beautiful colours, familiar shapes, and meticulous execution. Galleries and collectors appreciate this consistency.

However, other artists like Picasso embraced exploration. His constant experimentation with media and styles fuelled his artistic journey, even if it challenged easy categorisation. Ultimately, his immense talent secured his legacy.

So, what path should an artist take without the established reputation of a Coburn or Picasso?

Finding Your Balance
The answer, perhaps, lies in a thoughtful balance. While consistency offers commercial appeal, unbridled exploration can lead to a lack of focus.

For me, the pursuit of discovery remains paramount. However, I can incorporate a touch of strategic consistency. Perhaps revisiting successful themes with fresh perspectives or exploring new techniques within familiar subjects could be a way to bridge the gap.

Ultimately, the choice is a personal one. The key is to find a balance that fuels your artistic passion while allowing you to connect with audiences and build a sustainable career.

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