Unlocking Happiness Through Art

Art Can Make You Feel Happy?

Discovering Joy Through the Creative Process

As an artist, I don’t delve into the philosophical debates on happiness. Instead, I focus on what sparks joy in my creative journey.

Finding Inspiration in Every Stroke

For me, happiness flourishes when I experiment with paint and explore every facet of artistic creation. Additionally, venturing into nature’s breathtaking landscapes and uncovering its wonders brings immense joy.

From Architect to Abstract Expressionist

My background in architecture instilled a “cut-to-the-chase” approach. This translates into capturing the essence of a visual experience, influencing my minimalist and abstract style.

The Power of Abstraction

Abstraction, for me, is about extracting the core elements of a place – the dominant colours, the mood, the very essence. It’s about eliminating unnecessary details and distilling a scene to its most significant features.

Illustrating the Essence

For example, instead of painting a vineyard scene with details like vines, grapes, and the sun, I might focus on the final product – the rich cognac, representing the culmination of all these elements. My use of energetic colours and intricate patterns reflects my desire to create uplifting artworks that evoke the vibrancy of nature and offer a meaningful connection for the viewer.

Beyond the Canvas: The True Reward

While selling contemporary art is rewarding, my true fulfilment (and happiness) comes from my art’s positive impact on viewers. The satisfaction of creating pieces that resonate with people is the ultimate reward.

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