work of artist friends: Anne Naylor

artist painter
abstracts, landscapes and seascapes
original paintings acrylic on canvas and mixed media artworks


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Anne Naylor - emerging artist painter - Sydney Australia

About Me

I was born in Sydney and grew up in Canberra.  I was never ‘artistic’ and had no formal training in art at school or university.

My formal academic training is in education.  I have a Master’s Degree in Special Education (Hearing Impairment) and paraprofessional interpreting qualifications in Australian Sign Language (Auslan).

About My Art

I started learning to draw and paint two years ago.  There is a wonderful freedom in being an emerging artist. I have nothing to lose and nothing to prove. The world is my oyster. There is a quote in the July-September 2008 issue of the Art Collector that resonates with me: “Before you’re famous.  That’s the interesting time.  That’s when everything is smooth and like ice-cream and nobody is expecting anything from you so you’re just looking straight ahead...” That’s me, looking straight ahead…

Painting is my passion, my focus, my commitment and my struggle.  When I am painting time stands still. I  truly exist in the moment.  There is nothing else.

When I finish a painting, if I am really lucky, for a brief moment I look at my creation and inherently know it, it speaks to me.  It radiates energy, intensity, integrity and purity.  It is the perfect expression of what I want to say.  It gives me a sense of satisfaction and delight.  In that moment I glimpse something that is uniquely me, something I have created that is pure and uncontaminated by self-criticism and doubt, or consideration of what others may think of it.  I transcend the ‘real world’ and experience a sense of freedom. I take pure pleasure in what I have created.



Inevitably, I come back to the ‘real world’ and my rational mind takes over.  I am no longer so sure of myself or my art.  In the ‘real world’ there is self criticism and doubt, and it is part of the human experience to desire the approval, acceptance, understanding and critical acclaim of others.  Doubt and negative self-talk come into play.

But, as Andre Gide (French novelist and essayist, 1860-1951) wrote: “One does not discover new lands without consenting to lose sight of the shore for a very long time”. Starting a new work is an exciting adventure.  So I buy another canvas and I start another painting.  What drives me is the process as much as the finished product, the desire to express myself and communicate with others.

Teachers and mentors are so important.  These are some of the things Ernie, my teacher and mentor, has taught me: Try things out…play ‘what if’, be free, intuitive, take risks and be brave.  Have fun.  There is no absolute certainty in the process of creating.  It is a fine line between a "masterpiece" and a "big miss", especially when you choose the brave but risky approach.  Having a ‘big flop’ painting will happen, and you can learn from that as well.  The progress towards better and better is the main game.

Ernie encourages my artistic pursuits, and to quote him: “In my humble opinion, and applying my own subjective criteria to judge artistic merit, you have all the required qualities of becoming an excellent artist: good eye for colour, enthusiasm, open mind, curiosity and receptiveness to creative ideas.  And also the application to actually paint a painting and create a piece of art.” 

life below semi abstract landscape painting

05  Life below
acrylic on Canvas 75x100cm

new life abstract painting green orange

04  New life
acrylic on canvas 75x100cm

land on fire semi abstract landscape painting original

06 Land on fire
acrylic on canvas 75x100cm

light blue green original artwork

11  Light
acrylic on canvas 30x40cm

inland river abstract desert image orange green

08  Inland river
acrylic on canvas 45x55cm

abstract picture dark red

09  Curves
acrylic on canvas 30x40cm

mixed media collage

12  Cairns airport
mixed media on canvas. 45x60cm

abstract seascape picture ocean blue

07 Edge of the reef
acrylic on canvas 75x100cm

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Examples of the work of artist friend Anne Naylor, a contemporary painter.  She paints abstracts, landscapes and seascapes.
Her original paintings are in acrylic and mixed media on canvas.