Museum of Old and New Art photographs

external photos of the building
internal photos of some of the exhibits
inspired architecture and enlightened exhibitions


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Hobart Tasmania Australia

arriving by ferry

view from the ferry

view from the entrance

lovely landscaping and view

ready to enter art gallery

landscaped outdoor area

towards the entry

outdoor sculpture

rusted steel walls

view of underground spaces

view of installation with bookshelves

view from mezzanine

rotating circular painting

foam machine

video of a large eye

waterfall sculpture installation

dark interior

llight globes

photo of cut rock face

in the cave

cut sandstone wall

exhibit installation

exhibit installation in the dark

sculptural installation

Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


Ernie Gerzabek 2000-2016

Photographs of MONA art museum exhibits, paintings, sculptures, installations, interiors, also of its exterior architecture
The art gallery is located in Hobart, Tasmania, Australia.  Highly recommended.