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email your comments to art@ernie-gerzabek DOT com

"Hi Ernie, I just wanted to tell you how glad I am to have stumbled across your website today!
I am a primary school art teacher. I am hoping to revamp a landscape painting unit for my grade 5/6 students this term and set out today to find some contemporary approaches to Australian Landscape painting to share with them. I feel I have hit the jackpot with your work and I am hoping you will grant me permission to drag some images of your work from your site to make a little slide show to share with the students. I love the text you have written to accompany your paintings and believe if I share this with my students it will help them to gain a better grasp of the abstract approach to landscape painting.
I also relate very strongly to the way you describe the similarities between music and abstract art and one way I try to get students to experiment with creating abstract art is to "draw the music"... for their lines and marks to be inspired by the rhythms, beats and melodies that they hear and the feelings and thoughts that those sounds and marks evoke within them.
A thought I have had regarding why people have difficulty accepting abstract art for what it is and insist on trying to work out what it is, is that I think today’s society/way of living has so many of us conditioned to use the left hand side of the brain to comprehend, interpret and make sense of everything..... I have been introducing my students to an artists way of seeing.... so when looking at a picture say for example of a plant I don't want them to tell me that they have interpreted what they see as a plant but instead to jump over to the right side of their brain and tell me what they really see using the art language of line, shape, colour, texture, tone, contrast, balance, pattern etc, etc.
Anyhow I'd better get back to planning out my terms work.
Thank you for the inspiration! -- Jenni Cox

"Hi Ernie,  Yes, I received the painting in good order, many thanks - it had been framed in a white box frame and looks great.  Wishing you many more sales.  Kind regards, - Anna G, Melbourne

"Hello again Ernie,
Thanks for the photos; they reassured me that the colours were fine.
I really enjoyed looking at your other art on your website and reading your comments.
I still love the painting I have bought so I will not cancel it but I think I may be a repeat buyer.  Thanks – Donna, Melbourne

"Spent a night on the computer searching art work as it's my 40th birthday and my parents are going to buy me a painting. Lucky me, this will be my first ever original piece of art work (apart from all the lovely ones from my kids).  Then I came across a piece of your art work and my heart sang.  I am interested in *784  Spring collection". I wondered if I could come and have a look in person?   I truly think I am in love, I keep looking at this picture.  it's just beautiful.  Let me know if you are happy for people to visit you. -- C. Northern Beaches
(Following a visit to my gallery, C decided to buy this painting and is most happy with it.)

"Dear Ernie,
Would you please give us permission to print your beautiful painting, 375 Desert remembered 2, in a prayerbook we are preparing for the use of the Sisters of St Joseph?  The Book will not be for sale but will be used by the Sisters in Australia, New Zealand, East Timor, Peru, Brazil, Ireland and Scotland. Our Sisters typically live in small communities and work in the local area.   Your painting would certainly enhance our prayer and our book!
If you would allow us to print your image, may we please have a high resolution digital copy so that the printing does justice to the painting?
I look forward to hearing from you.
With appreciation -- A. Sydney

"Hi Ernie,  We have received the three paintings and are really thrilled with them.  The website just doesn't do justice to the vibrancy of the colours or the overall quality.  Just wanted to let you know!  All the best.-- Kate B, Melbourne

"Hello Ernie,  My name is Sally and I’m from Portsmouth in England, and i've seen all the art you've done on your website.
First of all, bravo. i think its really really cool.  and secondly, following on from that, I’m doing my art Gcse exam shortly, and i would love to use some of your artwork as an inspiration or 'influencing artist' in the preparation work towards my piece.  This would mean i'd look at your work, and what you've done and then for my final piece, create a painting or piece of art in your style.  do you have any tips or pointers i could use for it?  Hope to hear from you soon,  Sally Law England

"Hello Ernie,  I was writing to say that I like your work. Especially the colored sculptural bas-reliefs.  I work in a museum frame shop, and can appreciate the use of discarded frames.  I like the color palette. I saw your work on Artist file online. -- Ben, Abington, PA USA

"The paintings have arrived and they are just marvellous !  I will take a photo of the two paintings and send it to you soon. The colours perfectly match those on your website. -- Carmen T. Romania


"hi Ernie,  your wood sculptures are beautiful and intriguing - you continue to be an amazingly inventive and prolific artist - right on mate!  ciao, -- Ted Knerr, New York

"Hi Ernie,  Your latest paintings and sculptures are among the best you’ve done (in my humble opinion).  The sun/moon mandala is wonderful.  At first it seemed to me frighteningly descriptive (sun, moon) and “green” (discarded wood).  I was afraid the strong descriptive would keep me tied to the ground. Well thought out, well made.  But once you get over the technical and descriptive, put them aside, the work’s artistic personality takes over and it exceeds the sum of its parts.  I wasn’t hung up on sun and moon, on your technique, or the “green” message (although I like both the sun/moon and the eco idea), but started drift somewhere else, lost in the patterns and colors, etc. - and this on the screen – it must be magical in natura.  Congratulations Ernie,  -- Karl Maenz, Switzerland

"It's been a few months now since I last wrote to you and every day I search the net for new inspiring artwork.  I have discovered many great artists, but none touch me as you do. Your creations bring forth both excitement and calm; I stand in awe.  Yours, Lispeth Liberti, Reno, Nevada

"I visited your site - beautiful work!!  I really enjoyed the article about you - joyous was indeed the feeling your paintings brought to mind when I saw them.  It's great to see artwork that is HAPPY!  I think you are
absolutely right about kid's art - I love to see what children do - it's almost always beautiful!!   Keep painting like this - the world needs more artists who love art - there are already plenty who suffer for it!!! ---  :) Jeannie Pellerin"

Ernie – your artwork was installed Friday and the client was very pleased.  Thank you for everything!  -- Kira, Atlanta, GA, USA

Hi Ernie,  wanted to let you know we hung today your paintings we bought.  They're just beautiful!   Thank you. --  Clare H., Melbourne

"I am very happy with the painting Night flight and the delivery!  I'll definitely visit your website often and will recommend your work to my friends and family.  I like your style and ideas. Thanks again for everything. -- Maggie M. Brisbane Queensland

"Dear Ernie Gerzabek, we are glad to inform you that the Artistic Committee of "Spirit. The Spirit in Art”, art exhibition that will take place on November 2007 at the Imbarcadero Rooms of the beautiful Estense Castle, having seen and appreciated your artworks published on Internet, has decided to select your name to participate at this significative event organized by Paola Trevisan Contemporary Art in collaboration with ArtexArte Foundation.
We've been fascinated by your suggestive and powerful abstract art research where forms and colours create such a intense results like “700  Razzle-dazzle”, “507  Multi-shift” and “683  Don't fence me in”.  We reckon your art will bring new and creative stimulations among this exhibition; your works reveal the power and brightness of the colours, through the different effects of forms, the textures, the pictorial matter, the magnetic energy from which spring from the canvas.
By congratulating you for the quality of your works, we would like to invite you to participate in an exhibition at our venue. -- Paola Trevisan, Ferrara, Italy

"Ernie -   I am a repeat buyer and now an established fan as well.  I really like your new works using wood pieces as the medium - what great concept and execution.  New directions can be so exciting and from the looks of your online gallery - this is quite a new direction as well.
In all honesty you're one of my favourite artists - and you're a very vocal artist and I appreciate it, and I get the feeling many others do as well.  I appreciate being on your mailing list too and will make every effort to come by and speak with you at your next exhibit.  Its very exiting to stop by your site and see new work!  I almost feel like I'm a part of it.  Thanks for that! -- Brian W. Miller

"I have been on your web-site today and it's Fantastic!!!   Well done, it really shows up as a quality Web-site and I love your New works.  I see that you are experimenting a little with wood. -- Lianne Lewis, Melbourne

Your paintings are wonderfully done. I could not imagine it !! -- Yuki, Tokyo, Japan

"I have both paintings now and they are wonderful.   The Flowers Forever lights up the room giving it an entirely new appeal.  The Lagoon is a bit darker but holds good memories for me of San Diego and my home in Michigan.  We are enjoying them immensely.  Your work is even more uplifting and beautiful in person than it appeared on the web site.  Thank you again. --Tammara H, Kansas USA

"I am interested in your work Flowers Forever (# 715) and Lagoon (#301).  They both lift up my spirit and I think both would continue to inspire peace and pleasure in my home.  I live in the USA and have been looking a long time for a painting.  I haven't seen anything since moving to Kansas 15 years ago.  I think the prices are amazingly affordable.  I am so grateful to you for making your work available.  I believe you could charge much more for your pieces but then alas, I would not be able to buy them!  If only I had more wall space.  I know I shouldn't but  they are both so uplifting and they both bring me happy memories and such light peaceful thoughts. -- Tammara H, Kansas USA

email your comments to art@ernie-gerzabek DOT com

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lines walking painting original art doodle

567  Lines walking
84x84cm acrylic on canvas , self-framed

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This guestbook shows your comments on my paintings and sculptures, includes students seeking advice and
also feedback and thank you notes from purchasers, critiques and appraisals of my artworks.