enlarged details of paintings and sculptures

close ups of selected artworks revealing finer details
textures and patterns of selected abstracts, landscapes, seascapes and other paintings and sculptures
artworks exhibited in Australian  art gallery in Sydney and online


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enlarged details

Some enlarged details of my artworks are shown on this page.  These close ups demonstrate a broad range of intricate details inherent in my paintings and sculptures.  Such details are usually not visible when looking at the web quality images reproduced on a website.  Original artworks always have fine details, subtle colour variations and textural  changes not conveyed by reproductions.

This is an attempt to compensate for the limitations of the computer monitor and to help you appreciate the finer visual details inherent in my original creations.

blue minuet image

Detail of 194 Blue minuet

enlarged detail energized abstract art flora inspired painting

Detail of 748 Energized

enlarged detail patchwork landscape contemporary painting

Detail of 725 Patchwork landscape

close up abstract contemporary landscape

Detail of 031 All that jazz

enlarged view dry riverbed contemporary semi-abstract desert landscape

Detail of 369 Dry Riverbed

detail blowing wind abstract patterns homage to aboriginal artists

Detail of 214 Blowing in the wind

detail blue seascape semi-abstract image

Detail of 699 Blue landscape

close up australian desert song

Detail of 745 Australian desert song

close up scorched red desert abstracted artwork

Detail of 616 Scorched Red Desert

detail distant memories abstract

Detail of 502 Distant memories

close up jigsaw bas-relief mixed medium assembly

Detail of 765 Jigsaw

water dance image

Detail of 298 Water dance

detail finders keepers artistic picture

Detail of 461 Finders keepers

detail Flowerburst stylised flowers

Detail of 393 Flowerburst

contemporary abstract artist ocean seascape

Detail of 321 Under the blue

close up yellow sonata abstracted Australian landscape

Detail of 146 Yellow sonata

detail desert remembered landscape contemporary semi-abstract

Detail of 375 Desert remembered

view from satellite contemporary artist acrylic desert depiction

Detail of 484 From the satellite

  rainforest patterns abstract original acrylic

Detail of 141 Rainforest remembered


Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


Ernie Gerzabek 2000-2016

Enlarged details of paintings and sculptures are shown here. Close ups of selected artworks reveal finer details, namely textures and patterns and such.
 There are abstracts, landscapes, seascapes and other paintings available direct from artist studio gallery.
You can buy also from this Australian online art gallery new landscape inspired paintings, all sort of artworks including sculptures.