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helpful advice on preparation of portfolios and web design
recording artworks, including photographing and general record keeping principles
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artist portfolios

Before your artwork can be included in a printed portfolio, a digital slide show or a website, you have to have suitable images of your artwork.  Digital cameras are ideal for capturing images which can be easily processed and modified for their intended use. For example, high resolution print quality images or low resolution ones for quick loading for computer monitors and transferring them via the internet.

Professional photographers can produce the best reproductions at prices appropriate for such Rolls-Royce quality, however, I can capture suitable quality images of your paintings or sculptures at a more economical rate.

A printed portfolio is an essential tool for presenting your artist profile, including CV, artist statement and most importantly your artworks.  Such a portfolio may consist a single page with images or an extensive presentation brochure with dedicated pages describing your background, art education, artist statement and philosophy, exhibition history and coloured reproduction of your artworks with appropriate captions.



Web Design
While I am not a professional web designer, Ii have designed and I am maintaining a number of websites, including this one.  No bells and whistles, no Java script or Flash software, just a basic down to earth website.  Easy to navigate, lots of information and images and a reliable structure.  If you would be happy with such a set up, do not hesitate to contact me and negotiate a mutually satisfactory arrangement.

For those who do not know how to update their web and upload to a host server, I am prepared to explain the basic principles involved and teach you how to go about self-managing your web.

Improving ranking in search engines
Having a website on the internet is only the first step.  It is also necessary to increase your ranking in search engines, such as Google, so when people search for your kind of art, they can find your web more readily.

There are a number of methods and "tricks" to use for improving your chances, not necessarily applied by professional web designers, because it is another specialist area and can be very time consuming and painstaking work.

What I learned over many years, I am prepared to share it, if asked for.

featured artwork

march of microbes lavender blue original acrylic abstract painting

794  March of the microbes
91x91cm acrylic on canvas , self-framed

Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


Ernie Gerzabek 2000-2016

List of services for artists, such as portfolio design, printing, artwork photography, web design. Advice is given on cost effective photos of artworks,
image preparation for printing and web use, portfolio preparation, layout design, printing, Powerpoint slide show and
website design; also general advice on search engine optimisation.