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finalist in Physics Art Prize Macquarie University


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This website is an online fine art gallery of professional artists.

On this website I am showing a range of original landscape and abstract paintings, photographs and giclee prints; not only by me but also by my dear artist friends Ted Knerr, Karl Maenz and Anne Naylor.

Enjoy the experience!

And do not hesitate to let us know your response.


Ted Knerr
painter, digital artist and photographer

Karl Maenz
painter and photographer

Anne Naylor
emerging artist

featured artwork

encoded contemporary original blue abstract acrylic artwork

751  Encoded
122x122cm acrylic on canvas , self-framed

Outback Desert Spectra

Finalist in Physics Art Prize, Macquarie University.

abstract nature inspired landscape painting      nature inspired abstract painting

Outback Desert Spectra (diptych)
2 @ 122x91cm acrylic on canvas
Artist's collection

Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


Ernie Gerzabek 2000-2016

Some famous artist friends are listed here, painters, sculptors, photographers and digital artists. Their artworks include contemporary and modern paintings and
sculptures. They have online fine art galleries showing collectable, desirable, enjoyable and affordable artworks.