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Hornsby Art Society - 2012 MEMBERS EXHIBITION

Venue: Verandah Gallery, Wallarobba Arts & Cultural  Centre,
25 Edgeworth David Avenue, Hornsby

Large range of paintings, sculptures and photos for sale.

Open: Tuesday 26 June till 8 July 2012
9 - 5 weekdays, 10 - 4 weekends

The skilled Hanging Team of Hornsby Art Society has done an outstanding job.  The record number of entries were expertly displayed.  The gallery was just a burst of colour.  While we have appreciated the spacious venues of the past, our new home added an intimacy and density to the exhibition that you will find refreshing.


The exhibition was open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays and 10am to 4pm on weekends.

There was an opportunity to cast an informed vote in the Peopleís Choice Award and to buy some tickets in the raffle of a watercolour by Julie Simmons.

Although it was cold outside this month we can assure you that the house warmed up real cosy and we packed in a good crowd.

It was a most successful exhibition of HAS members.

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Fuel 4 Arts is committed to providing a networking community to all of its members of different disciplines and backgrounds, and giving unbiased information regarding professional development, research and benchmarking data, and funding partnerships. We are also in constant contact with professionals in both the arts and other areas of development such as the sciences. We believe that the cultivation of new ideas and inspirations is important to any creative endeavour and hope to provide that service online.

Artery is the Australia Councilís online source of news and information about artists, events, projects and trends that shape the Australian arts landscape.

Art Guide Australia is a dedicated space for the visual arts.  A magazine, a website and an iPhone app, it is Australia's only art guide to combine genuinely independent features and editorial coverage with a complete guide to what's on in galleries around the country.

The magazine is published bi-monthly and the website and app are updated daily to help you stay in touch with everything current in visual art.

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Museum of Contemporary Art - Los Angeles

This article was sent to me by Liz Goldner:

"MOCA: A Four-Alarm Fire

On July 24, the artist-led group, MOCA Mobilization , posted a petition online, regarding the difficulties at MOCA (L.A.s Museum of Contemporary Art). The petition states, We demand that a search begin within 3 months to fill the key role of Chief Curator vacated by the forced resignation of Paul Schimmel and the Senior position vacated by Philipp Kaiser and that these positions be filled by experienced and respected curators who can provide the needed and necessary leadership roles at the museum.

I urge you to read the rest of this statement and to sign the petition here

Here is the Story

On June 25, Paul Schimmel, MOCAs Chief Curator was forced to resign (or fired) from his job of 22 years by museum trustee (philanthropist/billionaire) Eli Broad. Immediately, the local, national and international art press chimed in with nonstop reporting about the presumed injustice of this action.

As this story unfolds, an underlying theme emerged about the viability and integrity of art institutions todayas many increasingly mirror our larger greed/celebrity/glamour obsessed world. And according to these articles, MOCA  is at the forefront of this celebrity driven pack since 2010. That year, it hired former SoHo gallerist Jeffrey Deitch as its new Director; soon after, Deitch mounted artistically questionable exhibitions, had ongoing conflicts with Schimmel, and had fundraising difficulties.

Since coming to MOCA, Deitch has summarily rejected the kind of curated, scholarly exhibitions that Schimmel was known for, mounting instead: a retrospective of artwork by actor Dennis Hopper; Art in Streets , about graffiti and street art; an exhibition about James Dean; and a future show, Fire at the Disco, curated by LCD Soundsystems, among others.

Among the MOCA doomsayers is Jason Edward Kaufman who wrote in his blog on July 19, We are on a highway to the bottom in America, and in the art world Jeffrey Deitch is leading the charge. Yet, artists, curators, art-lovers and their ilk are unlike the masses; when we see an injustice, particularly in the art world, we fight it.

A Bit of History

The 32-year-old MOCA has an extraordinary permanent collectionwith artworks by Kline, Gorky, Lichtenstein, Oldenburg, Rauschenberg, Rosenquist, Rothko, Segal, Stella, Twombly, Mondrian among others. And Paul Schimmel was there when many of these works were acquired.

In 2008, MOCA reinstalled its permanent collection; and shortly thereafter, Schimmel led a tour of these works. His passionate, breathtaking tour brought to life the artists and their places in contemporary arts history. I recall feeling privileged to live near a museum about which the Los Angeles Times wrote, "There isnt a city in Americanot New York, not Chicago, not Houston, not San Franciscowhere a more impressive museum collection of contemporary art can be seen."

In 2010, after MOCA hired Deitch, cultural commentator Lee Rosenbaum wrote in her CultureGrrl blog, In choosing dealer Jeffrey Deitch as its new director, LA MOCA has taken the museum-market nexus to a disturbing new levelDeitch was chosen for his relationships, but it's precisely those private commercial connections, and their ramifications for a public nonprofit institution that worry me. Will artists attached to rival dealers be welcomed as warmly at MOCA as those from Deitch's chosen group? (,

Since 2011

Still, Deitchs exhibitions have attracted numerous visitors, even while most had mixed reviews. Art in the Streets boasted 4,000,000 visitors during its 2011 run at MOCAs rambling Geffen Contemporary in Little Tokyoreportedly the largest attendance of any MOCA show.

While at this shows press opening, I listened to Deitch compare street arts importance in the art world to that of Cubism in the past. While doubtful about this audacious comparison, I was intrigued by the shows pizzazz. As I wrote in my Graffiti Street Art  page, "Art in the Streets" was fascinating and familiar in a dj vu kind of way. There were pictures, signs and settings you've seen before on subways, buses, bridges and tunnels.

Visiting the show a second time; I saw beyond the hype (and exquisite murals by OsGemeos and Margaret Kilgallen) a hodgepodge of works by artists Jean Michel Basquiat and Keith Haring, art celebrities Shepard Fairey and Banksy, along with a variety of gritty street artists works, all jammed into one huge space; the show, largely lacking scholarly curatorial aspects, also included installations that replicated slum streets, one with a shooting parlor.


As Jill Medvedow, Director of the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston, wrote in WBURs blog ( on July 26, MOCA raises important issues for a new generation: of audiences best reached by social media; philanthropists whose wealth is vast and unbridled; and new directors whose combination of skills and backgrounds is an opportunity to reimagine, and maybe to reassert, the profound and lofty ambition of museumsto serve and educate the public through collection, research, preservation, exhibition, and the advancement of knowledge about works of art.

The Story Today

Art critic Christopher Knight wrote in the LA Times on July 8th: By 2012, the new director had made little progress in repairing the museum's dysfunctional business plan, but he was far along in dismantling the once-stellar art programMost important, many dull exhibitions have been high on celebrity quotient and low on artistic merit.

On July 11, four MOCA life trustees wrote in a letter to the LA Times: The celebrity-driven program that MOCA Director Jeffrey Deitch promotes is not the answerMOCA needs to get back to its core mission and to the kinds of programs that made it the exemplary contemporary art museum that it once was.

On July 12, John Baldessari, a leading conceptual artist, left the museum board, citing as reasons, Schimmel's forced resignation and Deitch's presentation of a disco music show. Then artists Barbara Kruger, Catherine Opie and Ed Ruscha resigned from the board. Opie wrote, "I love and respect MOCA. But the museum is taking such a different direction now. I believe that MOCA's strengths have always been in relationship to the outstanding scholarly curatorial practice it had established. What concerns me is seeing the museum embracing more celebrity and fashion."

Jason Edward Kaufman, art critic and teacher, wrote on July 19, Whats wrong with America? Some say wealth-obsessed, youth-focused, trend-addled materialism and the corrupting influence of money. Yet, those are precisely the colors of the flag under which MOCA sails with Deitch at the helm. (

On July 21, reporter Ed Helmore wrote in The Guardian: With Broad's backing, Deitcheffectively engineered the removal of the museum's long-serving chief curator, Paul Schimmel, setting up a confrontation between artists and a deep-pocketed collector allied with museum managers charged with raising revenue and exhibition attendances.

Robert Storr, Yale School of Art Dean, wrote in the Huffington Post on July 24: Broad and his enabler Jeffrey Deitch are in the process of undoing the work of many committed and knowledgeable people and thereby depriving the public of Los Angeles of a great art institution.

Questionable Fundraising

In Christopher Knights July 8 LA Times article (cited above), he also wrote: This leading museum has suffered staff defections, postponed programs, left millions in potential matching funds languishing untapped, solicited guest curators with questionable financial interests in their shows and seen a bizarre public rant by the museum's director about fundraising difficulty. reported on July 18, To be a director of a private museum today, one really has to be good at fundraising, said Los Angeles philanthropist Jane Nathanson, who left MOCAs board in March due to disagreement with the direction the museum was taking under Deitchs leadership. This is a wake-up call that MOCA will not survive the way its been run.

Moment of Truth

On July 24, art critic Jed Perl wrote in The New Republic: What is fascinating about the MOCA mess is how many people are saying: Enough! I would not have predicted that kind of reaction, for the simple reason that all Deitch has been doing is what a lot of other people in the contemporary museum world have been doing. He just executes the same moves with a slightly sharper attack. Could it be that we have arrived at a moment of truth?

MOCA Mobilization is addressing this moment of truth head-on with its on-line petition; you can read and sign the petition here !

And in spite of art critic Roberta Smiths remark in the New York Times on July 22 that, Mr. Deitch has to become a real museum director, an LA Times headline stated on July 26, Former MOCA chief executive Charles Young has written to trustee Eli Broad, calling the recent controversy surrounding director Jeffrey Deitch a four-alarm fire and seeking his ouster.

This story has just begun!

Liz Goldner"

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461 Finders keepers
122x122cm acrylic on canvas , self-framed

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