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snap crackle and pop original art abstract non-representational painting

809  Snap crackle and pop

91x122cm acrylic on canvas, self-framed;
also suitable for hanging in portrait format, vertically
Artist's collection

Original abstract painting with decorative motives on a greenish and ultramarine blue background.
Circles, lines, dots and patches, vaguely resembling folk art embroidery.

A fun image with seemingly child like naivety, yet with a sophisticated colour scheme.
Vibrant hues freely mix to produce a highly original artwork, striking and eye-catching
Fun for the whole family, adults and children alike.

Keywords: original, abstract painting, decorative motives, greenish, ultramarine blue, circles, lines, dots, patches, folk art, embroidery, fun image, naivety, sophisticated colour scheme, vibrant hues, highly original, artwork, non-representational, acrylic