flower paintings, flora inspired original art

Nature inspired original flora themed impressionist, semi-abstract and abstract paintings
blooming flowers, decorative plants, wild reeds and grasses, floral colours, patterns and textures
fine online and artist studio gallery of contemporary floral artworks for sale in Sydney Northern Beaches Australia


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facebook logo for Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery "Abstract art should be enjoyed just as music is enjoyed
after a while you may like it or you may not." -- Jackson Pollock

flora inspired paintings

The wild exuberance and vitality of flowering plants, grasses and reeds are on display here.    These contemporary artworks are confident, eye-catching and unashamedly optimistic; full of Nature's life-giving energy and cheerfulness.  Botanical accuracy is underplayed so as to show the essence of "flowerness": the celebration of delicate beauty and lovely colours.

abstract contemporary painting walking lines
Lines walking
flowerpoer contemporary semi-abstract flower painting
Flowerpower Family collection
flowerburst contemporary original wild flowers painting
Flowerburst SOLD
energized colourful abstract painting patterns painted
Artist's collection

eucalyptus leaves semi-abstract original acrylic art painting
Eucalyptus leaves
Artist's collection

rainforest remembered semi abstract painting original patterns part 1 rainforest remembered semi abstract painting original patterns part 2
Rainforest remembered

blowing wind abstract patterns painting homage to aboriginal art
Blowing in the wind Artist's collection

variety or uniformity?

Being a contemporary artist with a very broad range of subject matter and 'styles', sometimes I wonder if this is a wise approach.  Would it be better to restrict myself to a safe comfort zone, where I could produce endless variations of my commercially successful ones, for example?

Many artists just stick to a certain "look" and do endless variations on the same theme.  A good example is the talented John Coburn; nearly all his paintings have a relatively uniform background with a number of carefully arranged pleasant shapes, usually oval circles, diamonds, curvaceous forms and such.  Beautiful colours, subtle refinements.  No drama and no surprise but reliable good taste, lovely arrangement and immaculate execution.  In his exhibitions you see consistency and uniformity.  Galleries and art collectors just love this reliability and predictability.


On the other hand, many artists go on a merry-go-round of exploration and experimentation.  They try different ways of seeing things, their imagination is not restricted to a single approach but get carried away with the process of discovering something never done before. Like Picasso did most of his life; dabbling in many different media and changing "styles" frequently and fervently.  Being carried away with the passion of the pursuit. His enormous talent and eventual acceptance by the public saved him from being called a scatter-brain or worst.

So what is an artist without the reputation of a Coburn or Picasso to do?  Play safe and do "consistent"?  Or just carry on and get carried away with the passion of the chase, irrespective of how many completely different directions it leads to? 

As for me, the only way to go is by being carried away with the passion of discovery, "safe" is definitely not for me!

Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


Ernie Gerzabek 2000-2016

Original flower paintings, flora inspired art, stylised depiction of flowers, plants, reeds, grasses.  Featuring floral patterns and textures,
impressionist, semi-abstract and flora inspired images. All paintings are offered for sale
online and from my brick and mortar studio gallery located
 on the Northern Beaches
area of Sydney. All artworks are contemporary, affordable and collectable.