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facebook logo for Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery "What I dream of is an art of balance, of purity and serenity devoid of troubling or
depressing subject matter" -- Henri Matisse

inexpensive miniatures

These pieces are "miniature" acrylic paintings on board, and are ready to hang. 
Simple but bright, colourful and striking, full of life.  Despite their modest size
they are making a noticeable impact and a definite statement.
They can be hung individually, grouped together or arranged in imaginative patterns.

night moves curves abstract pattern small painting
Nightmoves - curves Family collection
inight moves waves abstract lines pattern
Nightmoves - waves Family collection
night moves waves abstract lines pattern
Nightmoves - dots Family collection
night moves strokes in wavy abstract pattern
Nightmoves - strokes Family collection

doodles plenty submarine ocean creatures small art picture
Doodles - plenty
doodles abstract contemporary painting Australian Aboriginal art inspired
Artist's collection
zigzag vertical pattern orange yellow abstract painting
Ziggy zaggy 2

zigzag horizontal pattern orange yellow abstract painting
Ziggy zaggy 1

affordable entry point pieces
and works on paper

Small wonders, little gems and bargains of all sorts, these paintings are all affordable,
 collectable and desirable.  The artistic merit has not been compromised by their smaller
 sizes; they have the same quality as the larger artworks.  Landscapes, flowers, seascapes,
 abstracts, minimalist non-representative art - all original and unique pieces.

abstract green chaos pattern small artwork
Chaos SOLD

blue waving patterns acrylic on paper

blue minuet ocean inspired seascape
Blue minuet

after the drought landscape digital archival print
After the drought

painted imagery black blue
Black and blue
sea thythms abstract artist contemporary art acrylic seascape painting
Sea rhythms
four wheels original abstract patterns painting folk motives
Four wheels  Family collection
flowers all over contemporary floral painting
Flowers all over
Artist's collection

waterside shift semi abstract painting acrylic on paper
Waterside shift 5 Sold to Brooklyn

crosswind contemporary abstract painting Australian indigenous art inspired

abstract painting distant memories acrylic on paper
Distant memories SOLD

waving original abstract painting

contemporary abstract painting submarine fantasy
Sub-marine NFS

abstract painting rectangular pattern
Shelved SOLD

water dance abstract original decorative painting
Waterdance 3
 Sold to Mexico


featured artwork

first blush abstract contemporary painting wavy lines original artwork

738  First blush
76x102cm acrylic on canvas

master's tips - advice to art students and
emerging artists

Extract from a feature article about Ernie Gerzabek paintings in "Artist's Palette" magazine

Many beginners and student artists ask for my advice on how to go about painting.  By-passing the subject of painting technique, I prefer to deal with the creative process and the focus on the "correct approach".  I put down a few pointers on how to apply the "right approach":

  • Do not become merely an illustrator who relies mainly on technique and limited to reproduction of external appearances.   Express your creativity by using your imagination, original thoughts, and work from the heart.

  • As probably only 1% of artists can paint photographic perfection, donít waste your energy trying to compete with the camera.  Good  photographers can produce such images with a fraction of your effort.

  • Utilise what you are good at; do not struggle with the very difficult or nearly impossible.  Find your forte and comfort zone.  Enjoy being there and build up your confidence.  Later on you can gradually take on the more difficult aspects of painting.

  • Still, it is necessary to break out of your comfort zone occasionally; so try something completely different from what you usually do.  New challenges will liberate your mind and invigorate your creativity.

  • Having fun by experimenting is better for your spirit than dogged chasing of perfection by hard labour.  Masterpieces are just as likely to emerge through carefree experimentation and controlled accidents than by boring doggedness.

  • So, welcome painting accidents and "mistakes", they often lead to new directions and unforeseen possibilities.

  • Do not dismiss art which is vastly different from yours, you can learn from other styles, approaches and methods.

Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


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