abstract art paintings, original and contemporary

modern artworks available for sale from this online fine art gallery of Northern Beaches artist
semi-abstract, nonrepresentational and minimalist artworks, colour studies and doodles
geometric proportional subdivisions, non-objective and decorative designs and patterns


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facebook logo for Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery "Every good painter paints what he is" -- Jackson Pollock

abstract art paintings

These abstract paintings and minimalist artworks feature different patterns, textures and
compositions.  Atmospheric, moody, jazzy and highly decorative pictures with inspired
 colour schemes. 
Striking originals, with harmonising and contrasting colour combinations.

first blush abstract contemporary painting wavy lines original artwork
First blush
waving goodbye original painting orange background wavy lines
Waving goodbye
finders keepers abstract painting multi-coloured art image picture
Finders keepers
brown oriental rug inspired original contemporary painting
Oriental rug - brown

abstract contemporary original acrylic painting distant memories
Distant memories
contemporary art acrylic painting usa snow landscape
Shades of white
Sold to Mexico
contemporary abstract landscape painting biology inspired
Fabric of life
red green contemporary original abstract painting
Red and green

spectrum shift contemporary abstract artist blue period painting art
Blue spectrum shift SOLD
Ohmmm zen meditation contemporary abstract pattern painting
Ohmmm ...
undercurrents abstracted patterns original painting undercurrents abstracted patterns original triptych painting undercurrents abstract patterns original painting
Undercurrents triptych

geometric paintings

Unusual visual effects and carefully designed proportional subdivisions.  They range from
minimalist and restrained to exuberant and joyful.  Resolved compositions, balanced designs
and pleasing proportions.
Vibrant, original and eye catching artistic pieces.

abstract art contemporary Tibetan mandala geometric painting
Mandala meditations - cool

Artist's collection
spectrum shift contemporary abstract artist blue period art painting
Blue spectrum shift
encoded contemporary original blue abstract acrylic artwork
abstract geometric painting based on Tibetan mandala
Mandala meditations - warm
Artist's collection

  proportions delineated geometric acrylic original abstract painting
Proportions delineated Artist's collection
abstract original contemporary painting proportions apportioned
Proportions apportioned

curator's notes on the spectrum shift series

"Ernie Gerzabek's paintings are comprised of colonies of shapes - landscapes woven with forms suggestive of a living microcosm.  Other paintings in this collection combine delicate layers of piercing horizons flushed with hyper-real colours and lines.

"The influence of his architectural background is ever present and at work here.  The sensibility of abstractionist and minimalist notions have been applied in his practice of painting with great effect.  This can be observed clearly in his specific method of interpreting the natural world around him.

"Gerzabek successfully traverses the path from the literal dimensions of nature and its surrounds into a reduction of its elements, a destination imbued with stillness, where both time and place have been purposefully extracted from the landscape.


"Playful optimism exudes from the calm perspectives he creates.  Gerzabek, it seems, is completely at ease with his uncomplicated and almost singular vision of a geometrically inspired interpretation of environment.

"A more complex analysis of these paintings is not requested nor required.  Gerzabek is inviting us to forgo intellectual engagement with the work and instead embrace a more instinctive experience of it, to allow ourselves to simply float upon the very surfaces and lines of his paintings."

Tim Hemphill

featured artwork

contemporary abstract landscape painting for sale biology inspired

055  Fabric of life 2
94x78cm / 37x31in, acrylic on board, framed

Ernie Gerzabek Artist Gallery


Ernie Gerzabek 2000-2016

Abstract, minimalist and geometric paintings, semi-abstract, nonrepresentational and minimalist art for sale.  Buy contemporary artworks direct
from Sydney artist from his fine art gallery on the Northern Beaches Sydney. Paintings for sale include colour studies and doodles, geometric
proportional subdivisions, designs and patterns, non-objective and decorative patterns.